Virginia Fergus

“My Paintings are Daydreams that take on a life of their own.” Virginia Fergus

Painting has always been a natural experience for me.

My maternal grandmother gave to me my first paint set and lessons when I spent time with her in summer in tiny Canoe, Alabama.

She was a late-in-life painter and recognized a kindred spirit in me even as I was a small child.

In my early twenties I decided watercolor was the medium for me. After three years of weekly lessons I moved away and kept painting on my own. My process has changed and is a non-traditional approach. But thanks to my firm foundation in classic watercolor techniques I was able to branch out and come to something uniquely mine.

Lately I am returning to my very first painting experiences with my grandmother and am exploring oils. It is a new challenge and is keeping me on my toes. Going back and forth between watercolor and oil is a brain and hand workout, and I love it!

For the past twenty-five years I have been a full-time professional artist. It has been an incredible ride! Hundreds of outdoor shows, several dozen states, and several countries later, I can still be thankful for the perfectly matched career I have. It is a one woman show from making, framing, and presenting the paintings, meeting my patrons and collectors, and sharing and selling my art. It suits my gifts, affinities, and personality.

I am thankful for every painting experience, every admirer, and every sale!

Virginia Fergus

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