Vasil Ivanov

Each glass figurine is individually handcrafted. It is made out of soda lime or soft glass using a flame-working technique, also known as lamp-working. The colored or clear glass rod is heated in the flame of the torch until it gets very hot nearing its melting point. It has to be constantly rotated in order to heat all parts equally and to keep it on axis. Then the heated part of glass rod is pulled and stretched into different shapes by various steel tools into beautiful glass pieces.

Colored glass in the form of powder or different size glass chunks (frit) can be applied to the hot glass throughout this process to make different effects, such as speckled wings of a butterfly or a multicolored body of a fish. In the end the ready figurine is cut from the holding rod with cutting jack and slowly cooled in a kiln to prevent cracking.

I love nature and animals, and try to embody their spirit in the glass.

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