Valerie Walchek

Through the use of contrasting colors, patterns, textures, and materials, I use a variety of stoneware bodies to explore how hope transforms perception. Functional wares were chosen to best communicates this idea; hope needs to be personally intrusive to be transformative.

Pieces are formed using both wheel & hand building techniques, then hand painted with up to 30 glazes. Sculpted details as well as wood, copper wire, rawhide, and 24K gilding embellishments are frequently included.

Seemingly divergent, the various series are actually closely unified expressions of Hope: The power of the smallest amount of hope in a harsh world (a tiny red dot on a stark background). The joy of hope’s presence amid life’s rigid pressures and demands (a cherry branch intersecting a rigid, cubic background). The delight of whimsy that hope brings amid daily demands (birds where numbers are expected). Hope restored when all has been broken (made stronger and beautiful by 24K gold Kintsugi joinery)

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