Tyler MacDonald

Hand crafted fine art guitars. Starting by designing and hand selecting the finest woods from around the world, The guitars are both hand and machine worked by the artist. Finished with avant garde art deco finishes to create one of a kind functional art.

Given my creative background, it comes at no surprise that I continue to create and evolve with time. I am now excited to bring you my new creative medium, Guitars. Building guitars is the ultimate for of bliss for me. It is a visual work of art that will be used to create and play music. The Guitar encompasses everything that represents me as an artist.

It all starts with me hand selecting the raw lumber from around the world. I consider things such as tone and visual design when selecting my materials. I strive to source the most sustainable and practical woods that will be turned into a life long instrument. Once I have the materials in my shop, I machine and hand tool the selected wood to form a guitar. I am involved with every part of the process from shaping the neck and body, inlaying the fret board, all the way to the final setup with strings. Everything is hand made and finished in my shop.

My hope is that each and every one of these interments finds a home, whether it is a young musician starting out, touring band or a guitar collector. The idea that my work will be used to create music that I can then enjoy brings me such happiness, and that to me is what being an artist is all about

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