Tom Clements

Medium format photography, both film and digital. All images are captured in natural light and edited with minimal post production. All production and printing is done in house using only the highest archival quality materials available. All images are signed and numbered limited editions. Editions are limited to 250.

With the high school dream of being a National Geographic photographer, he invested in his first 35mm camera in 1977. The darkroom was a natural fit, and his dreams were fueled by trips throughout the Midwestern landscape (that he called home) and the prints he developed afterward.

Upon graduation, another career option presented itself, and Tom took over the family’s oil business with the thought of pursuing photography on the side. A few years went by, and he married his high school sweetheart and had two children. Being a family man with an already full plate, his dream of making money with photography went to the back burner.

In 2011, after exhausting his vision for the corporate world, he reignited his dream and bought a DSLR camera. After selling his oil business, Tom became a full-time fine-art photographer. He now travels the United States with his wife, Chris, doing fine art shows while taking trips in between to capture the world’s abundant beauty.

The challenge of bringing a scene to print that transports the viewer to a place or memory has indeed become
a passion worth pursuing.

Many customers feel a deep sense of peace or an I wish I could stay right here when viewing Tom’s work. His goal is to create quiet moments in the midst of hectic days.

And what happened to his dream of being a National Geographic photographer? After a trip to Africa, Tom submitted an image of a young lion cub to the magazine, and it received recognition as one of the
“editor’s daily dozen” picks.

Tom and Chris now live south of Nashville, TN, and enjoy time off with their two adult children,
Quintin and Brianna.

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