Sonny Kenn

It seems like my whole life has been hell bent creating something with my guitar or a paintbrush. Whether I paint or play it all comes from the same creative impulse. Sometimes music invades my art other times art invades my music. You never know where the inspirations come from…iImages, words, colors, sounds will coalesce to form ideas I wish to pursue. You hunt for that perfect “thing”, you analyze your instincts to see if they hold up. In the end, my art is the result of living life with my eyes and ears wide open while hopefully inspiring you to do the same.

Oil is my preferred medium. For me, heavy brush strokes don’t work. Often glazing, scumbling, lifting or scraping may be used to get the color, depth or texture I need to convey my ideas. As in music, I may improvise after I get started and this can happily take me down an unexpected path, always anticipating that moment when I say ‘it’s finished!”

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