Shekina Rudoy

I take white silk fabric of varying textures, stretch onto horizontal frames, handpaint w dyes/brushes, heatset, then cut/sew the painted silk into my own timeless flattering fashion of a kind

Shekina has been creating beautiful, one of a kind, award winning designs and styles of hand painted silk garments for over 36 years.

She studied Textile Arts in college and has a BA degree in that field.

Shekina exhibits exclusively at art and craft shows around the country.

She loves to play with the relationship of color and apply this to an assortment of different kinds of silk fabric weaves.

Every design has it’s own story, fit, and style aesthetic.
Shekina’s intension with each and every design is to express beauty and grace for the wearer…and she loves how each individual client Expresses themselves in her designs… adding their own accessory to complete a unique look.

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