Reinhard Herzog

For over 55 years, I have blown glass at a torch, patiently mastering the intricate techniques of flame-working. I capture the few moments when glass is in its liquid state, using movement & natural forces to shape the piece. My specialty is a montage style where different colors of glass are combined without bleeding together. With exacting precision, I build the glass color scheme and then blow the piece into an elegant design with clean lines. Using the torch for blowing glass was a skill I learned as a young man in Germany when I was a glass engineer for the laboratory industry. There I learned the physics behind this temperamental medium, malleable as honey for fleeting seconds and then brittle as ice. Centrifugal forces and gravity are my natural tools. The flame of the torch has allowed me to create delicate and fine pieces in glass that the furnace did not permit. I enjoy making art that solidifies whimsy and is accessible to anyone who sees beauty in color and light.

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