Mina Hsing

Chinese Brush painting technique Using vibrant oil painting on gold rice paper or rag paper. All the frame painting is my unique process of touch work.

Mina Hsing was born in Shanghai. China. She studied classical Chinese brush painting during her childhood. After Mina came to America. she studied Art oat the University of
California and later graduated from Mundelein College in Chicago. in 1967. She taught Chinese brush painting and exhibited her ,vork throughout Ne,v York. North Carolina and Virginia where she received numerous awards for her work

Mina specializes in paintings which are done on an individual basis to fit specific rooms. She is expert in realistic and abstract Western styles of art as well as Chinese brush painting. Whatever her medium (oil, acrylic, water color or ,metallic oil) or her style. Mina’s vibrant use of color and elegant design are always evident.

Mina lived in North Carolina for 22 years and during that time was a prolific painter as well as a successful gallery owner. She has recently moved to the Chicago area and is creating her own personal expressions as well as accepting commercial and personal custom projects.

Mina is an accomplished framer and sees the frame as the final step of the creative process.

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