Mark Mohrenweiser

A licensed Landscape Architect by training, I’ve always enjoyed and embraced all art forms. After years of working in mixed media, I began to explore the art of encaustic, becoming a full-time artist in the medium. Encaustic is a medium that allows you to be a sculptor one day, or a painter the next. It is a versatile medium that I have enjoyed exploring.
Each of my encaustic paintings is comprised of multiple layers of beeswax and damar resin. I make my own encaustic medium with raw pigments, filtered beeswax, and resin in its hardened, crystallized form. The paint is heated to approximately 200 degrees and each layer is fused with heat before proceeding to the next layer.
Painted and hand drawn imagery is added between the layers in oil, pastel, and ink. Original drawings, sketches, incised lines, and other elements are often encased within the wax layers, giving a multi-dimensional result to the finished work. The translucency of the wax allows these elements to be viewed through the layers.
I enjoy creating artworks that reflect my love of nature, architecture, and history. My hope is that anyone purchasing my work continues to find unexpected surprises within the layers that they may have not noticed at first glance.

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