Mark Grosser

Using professional Old-World techniques, I create bold, dramatic designs featuring yellow, white & red gold, diamonds & gemstones. I use the lost-wax technique which involves creating a one-of-a-kind wax carving of the design then casting the piece in gold. The wax is “lost” in the process. I also use hand fabrication which involves shaping and manipulating individual strands of gold into place to create an organic, unique design. This process lets me create as I go along. I then set diamonds and/or gemstones in settings such as bezel, prong, bead or channel set. I use unique textures and finishes to create light and shadow to complete my designs. My goal is to take the wearer on a visual journey thru the design, inviting the eye to wander & explore, creating a feeling of movement & energy. Each piece of jewelry is a unique creation and is designed with originality in mind. I create my designs with comfort in mind, so the wearer will wear them everyday

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