Lisa TeviaClark

“Inspired by luminous visions I see when I close my eyes at night, I create handmade mosaic worlds using porcelain clay. The interplay between the imagined & the real, memory & the present moment, intent & happenstance keep my process alive and engaging”.

Always observant and delighted by decorative detail, Lisa TeviaClark was inspired by the art, artists & architecture that surrounded her as a child in San Francisco.There was a moment in 1974, in which she realized she could learn about the world: art, culture, cuisine, form, function, geology, history, all through her engagement with clay. This epiphany continues to animate her work today. Lisa explores possibilities in every aspect of her process; the effects are seen and felt in her finished mosaic work.
Lisa carves & impresses porcelain clay, creating the elements of her personal visual language. She is immersed in the alchemy of glaze development, using raw materials to create high fired glazes which imbue her mosaics with a wide range of color & texture. Lisa and her partner, Jim Clark, create original handmade porcelain mosaics in the mountains of North Carolina. Their mosaics are durable; designed to hang inside or outdoors. These mosaics can also be an artistic focal point in a permanent tile installations for kitchens, showers, or baths. Lisa & Jim founded Bella Vista Tile in 2003 and have worked with designers and private clients to enhance their homes with decorative tile and mosaics since then.

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