Kim Coy

My metal pieces begin as raw materials, typically sheet & wire. Those materials are molded using traditional metalsmith tools including mandrels, hand-files, flame, grit papers, as well as contemporary metalsmith tools including a flex shaft, rolling mill, texturing hammers, & flame, enhanced via a propane/oxygen torch system.

Some pieces are complete after the use of metal forming tools & others have just begun when the flame is off. To incorporate color into my metalwork I use jewelers-grade resin. It’s a two-part epoxy that I pigment with acrylic paints, enameling powders & embossing inks, making the color possibilities endless. The sterling vessels are filled with resin, poured to set for several days until the color is a permanent part of the piece.

I also combine leather with metal in my work. I use virgin cow hide colored with water-based inks, followed by several layers of sealing waxes to ensure longevity of wear. The leather is then finished using traditional tools including slickers, skivers & punches.

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