Kelly Durian

I make bowties and suspenders using bright, fun patterns and colors in cotton and linen fabrics that create a light-hearted yet elegant men’s accessory.
All of my bowties and suspenders are created in-house by me.

For suspenders, I designed and made steel dies that I use to punch out leather on a click-press, creating the suspender backs and button on attachment pieces. I use an industrial walking foot sewing machine to assemble the suspenders with the fabric strips and elastics.

I use an industrial single needle sewing machine to sew all the fabric pieces for the suspenders and bowties. Each product has a different production process but they all involve lots of sewing, ironing, turning inside out, and more ironing. Some are finished on the sewing machine and others are hand-sewn. I also design and print the packaging and put each product on its hang tag.
I built my display out of fence boards that I sanded, stained and assembled to create a fun and unique shopping experience.

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