Jessie Benson

Using a clay-carving tool, the artist engraves intricate nature-inspired drawings into the surface of boards prepared with layers of beeswax. To bring the delicate linework to life, the artist oil paints the drawing revealing a highly textured work that appears luminescent.

Jessie Benson discovered her current art technique in 2013 when she followed the inspiration to make her first beeswax & oil painting. The spark in that moment has grown to Jessie selling hundreds of paintings all over the US. Part drawing, part painting, part sculpture and wholeheartedly unique, Jessie’s work resonates with the collective desire for love, peace, and freedom. Creating commission pieces is a favorite part of Jessie’s life as an artist. If you would like a special piece for you or a loved one, please email her to explore having her make a custom painting for you.

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