Jennifer Peck

I create backgrounds with a mixture of acrylic paint and small pieces of ripped or hand cut paper which I adhere to the canvas with a glazing medium. On top of that, to construct the subject matter, I apply additional layers of more hand cut pieces of solid, patterned and metallic papers, tissue paper, and sometimes silver leaf. I like to include small pieces of paper with single words or part of stories from books or magazines that compliment the subject and invite the viewers imagination. To build more texture I often use moulding paste as wells as fabrics and gemstones. I use UV protectant varnishes as a final layer to hold the papers down and to protect the piece. My work is primarily coastal so I enjoy using the soft and cool palette of the seashore. From a distance my pieces present a representational image, but upon closer inspection the viewer is always surprised to see they are made with more intricately composed layers of paper.

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