Holly Manneck

My art is a blend of the old and new creating something for the future. I blend fine art techniques of the past at the sometime embracing the art techniques of the today.

I studied fine art, photography and graphic design and developed a style that blends these techniques to create a contemporary pop art style that is relevant to todays culture.

I create relationships with the images making them current. The past gives us a reference and directions to the future and embracing change in art is what I believe makes art relevant. My background has set me in the direction of pop art having always been interested in culture and hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in Social Work. I went back to study fine art, photography and graphic design at Plymouth University In NH.

I traveled the world having lived in many different countries Norway, Germany, USVI and Grand Cayman Islands, and working on a Cruise Ship. Learning the language and culture of different countries has strengthened my interest in popular culture and provided a universal feel to my art. Culture brings us together as a people and shows that what unites us is much greater than what divides us.

I am an award winning artist and am represented in Galleries throughout the US and have collectors worldwide. I have had and numerous one women shows and group shows in the last 35 years and continue to exhibit.