Glenn Lewis

I take nature, wildlife, and travel photographs using digital camera equipment. My objective is to take classic photographs that accurately represent the scene. I take single shots, as well as multi-shot panoramas and HDRs. I use Photoshop, albeit minimally, to modify images so that they accurately represent the scene. The photos I display are available on dye-infused aluminum or Lumachrome Acrylic, each of which results in a sharp, vivid, modern look, and range in size from 8×10 to 6 feet by 24 feet.

The photos I display come from the last decade, which I spent traveling both abroad and within the United States. 2016 was my first year doing art shows, and I learned many lessons that I’ve since applied. I now focus more heavily on large pieces and panoramas. The success I’ve experienced is astounding – I attend many of the best art shows in the country, I’ve won numerous awards, and in 2019, my fourth year as a full-time artist, I surpassed a quarter million dollars in annual sales.

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