Evan Reinheimer

I specialize in a technique called “Kite Aerial Photography” in which I use only a simple, traditional kite to lift my camera into the sky. This method allows me to create unique, one of a kind photographs from a vantage point 10 to 500 feet in the air. The altitude that I am able to reach with my kite covers an area that is rarely seen by people. Using a kite allows me to fly my camera over a scene without disturbing the natural surroundings of the subject. Photographs are printed using archival materials on photographic paper, mounted to plexiglass and dye sublimation on metal.

Evan Reinheimer is an award winning artist from New York. He specializes in a technique called “Kite Aerial Photography” in which Evan uses kites to lift his camera into the air to take unique aerial photographs around the world. Evan is a graduate of the State University of New York with degrees in Photographic Imaging and Business.

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