Dennis Shattuck

I paint in oil, applied to canvas using brush and palette knife, reminiscent of my past, growing up with the ocean as my back door. The oil gives a shimmering look of reality captured with patience and the right touch that I can put my feelings into.

I was born with the ability as an artist, to develop this passion. During my junior high school years, my pen and ink drawings were published, but color was a whole new challenge. At the age of fourteen I created my first mural job, thanks to a neighbor who took notice and advertised my work without my awareness. This started my career as a muralist for the next twenty years, and I eventually downsized to canvas. I had galleries represent me, but operated my own gallery in an indoor, three level mall. I was on the ground floor across from Macy’s for seven years, until hurricane Andrews came along and eventually the mall is no more. The recession came along, galleries closed their doors, and I started doing more outdoor art shows. A created original piece of art by a talented artist will last forever. It does not fade away over time like art made by machine. It is a gift, to share as part of creation captured on canvas, as a never ending moment in time.

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