Darlene Davis

The primary materials used are hardwoods, such as maple, ash, honey locust, sycamore and oak. We start with a full size wire model of our envisioned sculpture. Very wet wood strips (35% moisture) are then bent and twisted by hand to start forming the sculpture. As the wood dries, the piece continues to be hand shaped to its final form and held in place. The sculpture is then placed in a drying oven and the moisture reduced to fine furniture grade (5-7%).

The kinetic arms of our spiral sculptures are perfectly balanced on a very small stainless steel ball bearing and rotate around the static portion of the sculpture. The rotating motion can be initiated with air movement or manually. The medallion sculptures typically have a hanging mirrored acrylic piece that rotates and reflects the surrounding light and color.

The sculptures are stained, dyed or lacquered and finished with multiple layers of polyurethane which seals the wood and stabilizes the moisture level.

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