Dan Ott

Making my cut paper assemblages is an ongoing exercise in creative awareness in that I am constantly challenging myself to see the aesthetic potential found in discarded materials. I search for ways to repurpose these castoff paper products so as to commemorate important people, places, and events in my life. I view my assemblages as authentic historical records in that each piece tells a rich story about how people interacted with each other during a particular time and place. In terms of my process, source material is hand-cut into various sized squares, from 3″ large to 1/2″ small. Squares are then stacked and bonded. I struggle with similar and competing elements until a harmonious resolution is achieved. The outcome of this labor intensive mixed media process is a beautifully designed square that can stand alone, but will ultimately become a small facet of a much larger piece. Thus, hundreds of discoveries in each assemblage await further inspection.

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