Dale and Gail Horn

We are a Husband and wife photography team, specializing in architectural and landscape photography with a unique, yet relatable point of view. Our upscale photographic images are printed into aluminum via dye sublimation. The image is printed on special transfer paper which is then placed on top of the metal and put into a heat press. The paper is then peeled away. As the metal cools, the ink is permanently transferred into the metal. A clear coat polish is applied to the product. Metal Prints are waterproof, fade resistant, and have an ultra-hard scratch resistant coating with a life expectancy 4 times longer than traditional prints.
The metal print extends about 1″ from the wall, creating more dimension. No frame is needed; providing a clean look that emphasizes the sheet metal and enhances the photograph while creating a contemporary look. We offer several different sizes, ranging up to 60″x90″.

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