Craig Roderick

My body of work is digital images of flowers based on my photographs shot in studio on black backgrounds using light painting techniques. LED flashlights are utilized to project pure white light on flowers from different angles, durations and intensities. Multiple exposures of several seconds in duration, each with light from different angles and focus points are taken. The raw images are layered, re-stacked, eliminated or adjusted for opacity until the desired lighting effect and depth of field is achieved. Post processing removes any supporting structure, leaving just the flower against the black background, thereby eliminating any distractions from the texture, structure, and intricacies of the blooms. While the final images would not be possible without the use of computer technology, my goal is to produce realistic images that unveil otherwise unseen aspects of the blooms. All printing, on either canvas or various papers, is done in house in editions of 150 or less.

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