Constance Mier

Each print is inspired by my canoe explorations of the wilderness areas of south Florida. Using a digital SLR camera, various lenses & filters, I attempt to create images of nature that provide the viewer a perspective he or she has never seen. For each image, several decisions are made concerning camera technique (i.e., lens choice, filters, exposure settings, light) in order to achieve the best outcome. In addition, the logistical challenges of being in a canoe must be overcome before the camera can be effectively used. A particular subject may be photographed several dozen times in one setting or require multiple visits before I can achieve my artistic goal. Once images are downloaded to a computer, my vision continues to guide the image development using enhancement tools in a software program. Colors are consequently calibrated to print on a particular medium which may be paper, canvas, acrylic or metal (archival materials) depending on the image. Prints sizes go up to 72″ wide.
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