Christine Adele Moore

I use oil paint and resin to depict subconscious and/or symbolic images. Painting is my version of psychotherapy. I use layers of resin, 3-15 usually, until satisfied with the result. I meditate on the piece until an image forms in my imagination, which I bring to life with oils. When fully cured, I coat with resin a final time to achieve a consistent sheen.

I joined the art festival circuit in 2017 after 26 years of professional experience running my own business. Working with interior designers to realize a wide spectrum of their creative visions, I have had the opportunity to grow beyond my own comfort zones, see things in a way I may not have otherwise, and work hard and efficiently. Highlights include a commission to paint a highly detailed ceiling mural In the style of Tiempolo, 44’ long by 35’ wide

Raised by my self-taught, artist-mother, I went on to study Fine Art it the University of Delaware, Maryland Institute College of Art, and New college of Southwest Florida. My current worK is a culmination of all that I have learned throughout the years.

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