Bonny Hawley

Bonny Hawley weaves from the fabrics of ancient worlds and threads of her imagination to create her mysterious flowing large scale mixed media artworks. She strives to uplift and inspire the viewers’ spirit, and is deeply inspired by the beauty and serenity of the water and her nature surroundings in SW Florida.

Experimentation and Imagination are the driving forces in her work. Never one to color in the lines she is constantly striving to try new techniques and pushing the limits of the traditional processes. The Art consists of acrylic mixed media collage with layers of papers, prints, metallic paints and a unique glazing technique on textured surfaces and free flowing supports.

Bonny has been a professional full time working studio artist for over 40 years. Originally from Kansas she graduated with a BFA in Art from FHSU, and has lived in SW Florida for the last 30 years. Represented by fine art galleries across the country, the work is in private and corporate collections in the United States and in Europe. Corporate Collections include OPI Products, Four Seasons Hotels, Carnival Cruise Lines, And Luthern Retirement Homes.

“ Living by the ocean inspires and heals me, the flow of the water, the changing tides and the supreme power that controls it all.”

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