A. Cesar Nogueira

Sculptural/representational work, specializing in feathered wildlife carved from natural gemstones (Fabergé/Idar-Oberstein techniques). In this medium for over thirty years, I perform my work with no help from apprentices or assistants, utilizing large lapidary diamond wet blades to cut and shape the parts, down to dental diamond tools to carve the details of each selected bird. The colorful bodies of each creation result from the inlaying of several different kinds of gemstones, using epoxy adhesives specifically developed for the medium, portraying all sorts of local and exotic birds, from small ruby-throated hummingbirds to bald eagles 25 inches-plus spread. The genuine colors and unique patterns of the gemstones, combined with the entirely free-hand nature of the process, render any carving virtually impossible to duplicate, making every piece an exclusive original.

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